The Tutorial Finder allows users to browse freely available and reusable teaching and training materials on procedures, tools, research methods, and topics in the humanities and its related disciplines.
The collections recorded in the Tutorial Finder originate from national and international sources as well as from in-house developments, which were created within the framework of the DARIAH-DE, CLARIN-D and CLARIAH-DE projects. The formats of the diverse materials range from simple text descriptions, recorded lectures and presentation slides at conferences and workshops, to fully didactically-methodologically elaborated learning units and modules for self-learning as well as directly applicable teaching materials. Since the Tutorial Finder does not host the teaching and training materials themselves, but enables their accessibility via metadata and full texts, the underlying licenses for use in the various teaching and learning contexts must be observed.
The Tutorial Finder is an open service and is in constant expansion. Interested parties can make their own collections of teaching and training materials available to the widest possible circle of users in the humanities and its neighboring disciplines by suggesting their collections via the helpdesk. In this way, the range of materials offered can be expanded in an uncomplicated manner and made findable, searchable, and accessible via the Tutorial Finder.

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